A Sustainable Future

January 04, 2019

Sullivan County Democrat Editorial
January 4, 2019

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There were plenty of shining moments in 2018 that we can look back on fondly as the beginning of something great. The expansion of the solar energy industry in Sullivan County is one of those bright spots.

The Sackett Lake solar array that broke ground in September and started producing power for residents on January 1st is one of the more recent examples. This $6.5 million solar farm includes 20,000 solar panels and produces five-megawatts of renewable energy for 800 customers in the Town of Thompson.

The Sakett Lake solar array, divided into two parts, is among several projects spearheaded by Delaware River Solar (DRS). Construction on another DRS Solar Array on Hospital Road in the Town of Delaware will soon be completed and will bring community solar power to another 300 residents and small businesses. DRS also announced plans to begin construction on a solar array on Kelly Bridge road in the Town of Liberty.

Community Solar allows homeowners, renters, municipalities, and businesses to easily participate in local solar without the need to install panels on their own buildings or deal with the cost of maintenance. It also helps toward reaching Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mandate that half of all electricity consumed must come from renewable energy sources by 2030.

It’s an exciting time in our area for the advancement of renewable energy on multiple fronts.