Delaware River Solar donates pork for the Delaware Youth Center

July 02, 2020

Delaware River Solar recently donated all the pork to the Delaware Youth Centers for their annual BBQ. This year the event of the annual Tractor Parade went virtual due to the current state of the country with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever as a community Delaware River Solar understands the importance of supporting local! The Delaware Youth Center relies on this fundraiser to provide valuable services to the community, and Delaware River Solar is proud to support them for many events. The Delaware Youth Center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide educational, recreational, and social events to the area.

Delaware River Solar is a local company that develops, builds, and operates community solar projects throughout New York State. Their mission is to expand solar energy to those that cannot or prefer not to host solar on their own property and to contribute to the state’s bold energy and climate goals by providing shared community solar so everyone can benefit from solar power. Delaware River Solar works with local landowners, governments, organizations, and residents to responsibly and effectively build solar projects that benefit the community. For more information and to signup, visit