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Subscribing to a community solar farm gives you guaranteed monetary savings on your electric bill. Each month the utility allocates your share of the solar farm to your electric utility account in the form of bill credits. When the bill credits are applied to your utility bill, your electric bill is reduced.

Then DRS either sends you a bill for those credits at a discount, or if the solar farm you join is a part of utility consolidated billing, you receive the net credit value directly on your bill.
For example if you receive $100 worth of solar bill credits, DRS will send you a bill for $95, giving you $5 in savings. Under consolidated billing, the utility applies the net amount, $5, to your utility bill, and then pays DRS directly for the $95.

Either way, you receive guaranteed monthly savings on your utility bill from local, renewable energy for as long as you continue to be a subscriber.

There is no scenario where you will pay more by joining a DRS community solar farm. The savings are truly guaranteed every single month.

The bill credits and monetary savings can be seen directly on your electric utility bill.

For information on community solar billing and examples of utility bills with solar bill credits applied; visit the link below.

Billing Page

Homeowners, renters, non-profits, and businesses with an active electric utility account can participate.

DRS is currently enrolling customers receiving electric service from the NYSEG, RGE, and National Grid utilities in New York State.

Yes, your current electric service will not be interrupted or changed in any way, and you will still receive your electricity service and monthly bill from the utility as you do now.

Yes, community solar bill credits do not conflict with your alternative supply service.

In addition to providing financial savings on subscriber's electric bills, DRS solar projects benefit the local communities they are developed in through increased tax revenue, local jobs as our teams live and work in the communities we serve, preservation of the farm land for future use, local partnerships, use of local vendors, and more.

Community solar reduces the amount of electricity generated from fossil fuel generators, improving our local air quality and health. Each customer who participates in community solar reduces carbon emissions equivalent to no longer driving their car for each year they participate.

The terms and conditions for residential and small commercial customers are:

Upfront Cost - $0
On-site installation - None
Discount to the value of bill credits - 5%
Cancellation fee - $0, cancel anytime*.

* Please be aware that the utility requires 30-60 days to remove a customer from a project. You will only be charged for credits earned and applied to your utility bills until the credits run out and you are removed from the project.

Large commercial demand customers should contact DRS at for more information.

Download the DRS Customer Subscription Agreement for Residential and Small Commercial Non-demand Meters

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