Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowners, renters, non-profits, businesses, municipalities – basically, anybody with an active electric utility account can participate.

DRS is currently enrolling customers receiving electric service from the following New York utilities:

National Grid
Central Hudson
Orange & Rockland

Community Solar is perfect for those that cannot or choose not to install panels on their roof or property.

The only exclusions are those who already have rooftop solar or another Community Solar subscription tied to their electric account.

Customers save up to 5%-10% on their electric costs per year. Our goal is to match the your allocation of Solar Bill Credits produced by the solar farm to your yearly electric usage. The less you pay the utility, the better we are doing our job.

You sign a 5% agreement with DRS. In December, we allocate $100 worth of Solar Bill Credits to your electric utility account. The utility will distribute $95 to DRS and you will retain $5, or 5% of the value of Solar Bill Credits. You will save $5 in December under this example.

The Solar Bill Credits and monetary savings can be seen directly on your electric utility bills.

Your electric bill will include new, additional line items showing the total Solar Bill Credit value, along with what the utility paid DRS directly. The difference between the total value and what DRS receives (always less) is your direct savings.

See the 'How It Works' page to see an actual electric bill example.

It will take a minimum of 30 days to begin seeing Solar Bill Credits on your utility bill. However, 60-90 days is more typical due to the alignment of the monthly utility billing cycles for the Community Solar farm and your own electric account.

If currently operating solar farms are fully subscribed, which most are, then you will be put in a customer queue for the next available spot. This could be a newly opened spot on a currently operating solar farm or a placement in a new solar farm under construction.

DRS is continually developing and constructing new projects, and we will allocate you to the first project available in your utility service territory. If a solar farm is under construction, Solar Bill Credits will begin to flow once it is operating and producing electricity.

Yes, your current electric service will not be interrupted or changed in any way. You will still receive your electric service and monthly bill from the utility as you do now.

The only update to your electric service will be Solar Bill Credits appearing on your electric utility bills.

No. There is no equipment to install on your roof or property, and there is nothing for you to maintain.

These Community Solar farms are built in a remote location and are independently owned and operated.

After you enroll your utility account(s), there is no obligation on your end, and you just receive the benefits of participating in renewable energy.

Yes, you can choose to cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason, and at no cost.

It usually takes 2 billing cycles or 60 days for the utility to remove your utility account from the solar farm.

Yes, if you receive your energy supply from an ESCO, you can still enroll in a Community Solar farm. Community Solar is a completely different and separate energy product and program, and the two can co-exist.

There is no catch. Community solar is the simplest way to go solar while providing savings directly on your utility bill.

No equipment to install or maintain
Guaranteed savings each month
Cancel anytime for any reason

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