Meet the Team: The Customer Support Team at DRS

October 01, 2021

Sullivan County Democrat – “A Sustainable Tomorrow”, A Quarterly Publication of DRS
By Fred Stabbert

Delaware River Solar has offices on Main Street, Callicoon and prides itself in helping its customers with any questions they may have, whether it is about how community solar works or solving a problem with their billing.

Catherine “Cat” Scott – Customer Support and Billing Resolutions Manager

“Community Solar is really interesting, but it can be a bit confusing for people,” Cat Scott, Customer Support and Billing Resolutions Manager and five-year Delaware River Solar (DRS) veteran, said. “That’s where our support team really shines.” And to that end, Cat loves to talk with customers one-on-one, to be “very present with them.” Scott credits company culture for the DRS customer support philosophy. “We strive to be good community neighbors and that’s modeled from the top down. Our CEO, Rich Winter, listens to community feedback about everything from developing projects to customer experience. He readily says, ‘We can do that’ when asked to help the community.”

Cat praises all DRS subscribers as the lifeblood of the company. “We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our customers and their support,” she said. “Especially those who signed up in the beginning for our first few projects. If these brave folks had not supported our Baer Rd. project in Callicoon, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today. Thanks to our customers, we’re helping New York achieve their renewable energy goals.

“I appreciate being able to support our customers because they make it all happen. Each project helps reduce carbon emissions by millions of pounds per year. That’s a pretty big deal,” she said. Cat said many customers are delighted that they are not only saving money on their electric bill, but also reducing their carbon footprint. “It’s great when they see that they can do both at the same time,” she said.

With almost 30 projects completed across the state (12 in Sullivan County alone), DRS has expanded its customer base immensely and customer support became more important. Initially hired to do sales, Cat transferred into Customer Support two and a half years ago.
Cat said she now has a deep understanding of “utility speak” and is happy to help customers better understand not only their solar credits, but also their electric bill. Delaware River Solar has offices on Main Street, Callicoon and prides itself in helping its customers with any questions they may have, whether it is about how community solar works or solving a problem with their billing.

Victoria Peterman – Customer Service Associate

Victoria Peterman is a fresh face at DRS, newly hired five months ago, but she’s not new to assisting customers after years of working in the banking industry. Her primary role is helping customers resolve billing questions and issues. “The best part of my job is helping people,” Victoria said. “Whether it’s helping people understand their bills or customizing options to fit their needs, I enjoy lending a helping hand.” she added. Victoria applied for the job because of her background in customer support, but also her interest in the emerging and innovative field of community solar.

When asked about the challenges and rewards of her position, Victoria responded, “Working in customer support and billing resolutions keeps me on my toes. There is something new every day. It’s a fast-paced environment and I like that. I enjoy connecting with different people and helping them understand how community solar works.”

Kerry Davis – Customer Service Associate

Kerry Davis, fresh from her time with a professional sports franchise, came to DRS in the middle of the COVID crisis in 2020. Davis brought with her skills in both customer support and relationship building and has been putting those skills to good use. “Working in customer support for community solar is fast-paced and ever-changing,” Kerry said. “The demand for a solar/green option for energy continues to increase, which means more customers. It’s important for us to be there as a resource for all of our customer’s needs, especially since community solar is still a relatively new program.”

Coming on board during the quarantine provided several challenges. Davis credits the cloud-based systems DRS utilizes for invoicing, customer management, internal reporting and even an internet-based calling software for keeping them highly organized. This allows her to spend time getting to know customers in addition to helping solve
any problems.

“My favorite part of working in customer support is helping our customers understand how community solar works and how it benefits them,” Kerry continued. “Hearing a customer say “I get it now” or “That makes sense now” after speaking with me is very rewarding.