NYS is 95% of the way to reaching the 6 gigawatts goal by 2020

July 22, 2021

New York’s solar growth has climbed 2,100% since the NY-Sun initiative was launched in 2011. The cost of solar dropped 69% in that same period. Naturally, there are large global trends driving these results, but they are great for New York nonetheless. They’re also helping New York Governor Cuomo to easily approach his goal of six gigawatts (GW) of solar power by 2025 — a mandate from the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. New York is 95% there when you look at projects that have already been installed and connected to the grid as well as projects that are currently under development. Four years to add the other 5% doesn’t seem too hard.

One of the great economic benefits is that this solar power growth has created 12,000 jobs across the state.