Orange County’s Davis Solar Farm – Actively Enrolling Residential Subscribers. Guaranteed Monthly Savings. Space is Limited.

The Davis Solar Farm produces enough energy to serve approximately 400 residential homes. If you have an active residential electric account with Orange & Rockland Utilities, you qualify. Community solar is open to homeowners and renters alike. Places of worship and farms with residential electric meters qualify too. Click JOIN NOW for guaranteed monthly savings through local, clean, renewable energy.

Join the Davis Solar Farm

DRS subscribes you to a percentage of the solar farm's energy based on your own individual electric usage.

Receive Solar Bill Credits

Each month, ORU distributes your share of the solar power produced to your electric utility account in the form of bill credits.

Enjoy Overall Savings

ORU then applies the bill credits from your account to your monthly utility bill, reducing what you pay ORU for electricity that month.

Local Power, Guaranteed Savings


Frequently Asked Questions

A community solar subscription provides guaranteed savings on your electric bill. Each month the electric utility, ORU, applies your share of the energy produced at the solar farm to your utility account in the form of solar bill credits.

Your solar bill credits are then applied directly to your ORU electric bill. Your electric bill is reduced by 10% of the gross solar credit value, which is called your Net Credit Value. This is how you save 10% with community solar. DRS is then paid by ORU for 90% of the solar bill credit value – this is how community solar projects stay in business.

For example, if you receive $100 worth of solar bill credits from the solar farm, your ORU bill will be reduced by the Net Credit Value of $10. ORU then pays DRS directly for the remaining $90.

You receive guaranteed monthly savings on your utility bill from local, renewable energy for as long as you are a subscriber. There is no scenario where you will pay ORU more by joining the Davis Solar Farm. The savings are guaranteed every single month that you receive an electric bill.

Your solar bill credits and savings will be seen directly on your ORU electric bill. Please call DRS customer support with any questions or to guide you through the bill line items.

Homeowners and renters with an active ORU electric account can participate. Specifically, residential electric meters with service classes 1 or 19 are eligible. Homes, apartments that are individually metered, places of worship, and farms most likely have a residential electric meter.

Yes, your current ORU electric service will not be interrupted or changed in any way. You will still receive your electric service and monthly bill from ORU as you do now. Community solar just provides you with solar bill credits that are used to reduce your ORU electric bill.

Yes, if you get you electric supply from an Energy Service Company (ESCO), instead of ORU, you can still participate.

Community solar and ESCO supply are two separate, unrelated energy products.

Community solar bill credits can offset any charge on the ORU electric bill, including consolidated ESCO supply.

In addition to providing financial savings on subscribers’ electric bills, DRS solar projects benefit the local communities they are developed in through increased tax revenue, local jobs as our teams live and work in the communities we serve, preservation of the farmland for future use, local partnerships, use of local vendors, and more.

Community solar reduces the amount of electricity generated from fossil fuel generators, improving our local air quality and health. Each customer who participates in community solar reduces carbon emissions equivalent to no longer driving their car for each year they participate.

No. Community solar farms are built in remote fields and maintained by DRS. There is no equipment on your roof or property, nor any work on your end at all. Simply enroll and start receiving reduced electric bills once the solar farm is constructed and starts generating electricity.

No catch. Community solar is the simplest way to go solar while providing guaranteed monetary savings directly on your utility bill.

From the Community

One of the things today's traveler is looking for is sustainable tourism - environmentally friendly lodging, protection of natural and cultural heritage, support of local community, etc. Our continued push (as a county/region) to implement more green initiatives will only help us grow tourism.

Roberta Byron-Lockwood
President & CEO, Sullivan Catskills Visitors Assoc and Delaware River Solar Customer

Delaware River Solar has an exemplary record of listening to the communities in which it builds community solar systems. Their expertise and capacity for building large scale systems which bring essential benefits is well documented. DRS is locally based. All residents of this region are very fortunate to have a renewable energy company of this character and scope.

Dick Riseling
Apple Pond Farm & Renewable Energy Center

Shared solar expands access to customers who cannot site solar on their own property. Residents and businesses participate in a larger community solar project according to their electric use. Well-sited, carefully planned community solar projects deliver lower costs to consumers and make clean, renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Heather Brown
Sullivan County Government Center, Office of Sustainability and Delaware River Solar Customer

Community solar is an important option New Yorkers cannot install rooftop solar arrays of their own. It is bound to be a key component of our sustainable energy future.

Bruce Ferguson
Vice President, Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development