CR 84 Community Solar Farm

Troupsburg, New York, NY


Located on County Route 84 in Troupsburg New York, CR 84 Community Solar Farm produces community solar power with 6,986 kWDC (kilowatt direct current) and has a net electrical output of 8.9 million KWh (kilowatt hours) annually.

This Steuben County community solar farm serves New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) customers who benefit from clean, locally-produced electricity. CR 84, which began operations in December, 2021, produces enough solar electricity to power 797 homes each year.

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Technical Information

6,986 kWDC (kilowatt direct current)

8,929,000 P50 KWh (likely Kilowatt hour production)

13,950,468 Lbs estimated annual carbon offset


Cover Photo: Delaware River Solar/Nimble Dragon Studios

Certain data courtesy of U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator



This community solar farm is located in
Monroe County's Scotsville, New York
Its carbon offset equals that of
1,363 gas-powered cars
And it serves
NYSEG customers
A subscription provides
5% discount on solar energy
This community solar farm began operation in
December, 2021
And has an annual carbon reduction equal to that of
7,489 acres of U.S. forest